DENVER (CBS4) – Art can be found anywhere — in the music we hear, the films we watch, the paintings we hang, and the fabrics we wear. Fabric art — quilt art — is the focus of one of Denver’s latest arrivals — Valerie C. White.

Valerie White is the wife of Denver Police Chief Robert White. They have both had long and successful careers — he in law enforcement and she in education and art.

TACtile is a gallery of textile arts just off Quebec in East Denver. The gallery and studio is dedicated to the fabric arts, from looms and weaving to beads and sewing, dolls and quilts.

Valerie White is only one of the artists who works at and presents in the TACtile gallery, but visitors’ eyes are immediately drawn to her work, and the man standing beside her.

“I’m pretty comfortable, and we’ve been married for 33 years; it took a while to get there, but I clearly understand what it takes for her to do what she needs to do,” Robert White said. “She’s totally empowered and I respect that.”

The chief is the perfect spouse for an artist. He offers financial and emotional support while not necessarily seeing where the work is heading.

For Valerie White, the use of fabric gives her a sense of feel in her work that she says she couldn’t find in any other medium.

“For me fabric allows a tactile quality that’s unlike painting,” she said.

The use of color — hand and machine stitching — tied to an artist’s eye for composition makes the pieces come alive on the wall.

“I am a stickler for good craftsmanship,” Valerie said.

And for the chief, though his support may be unwavering, he has a very realistic view of life, art, marriage, and all the rest.

“He is always willing to say, “Okay, if this is what you think you need to do, and it’s important to you’ … he’s supportive and I expect that he will be delighted to see me go again.”

TACtile the Textile Arts Center is located at 1955 South Quince, suite 200. It’s open later in the week for classes, instruction, resources, and everything the experienced or budding textile artist could ever want or need. Call (720) 524-8886 for more information.

LINK:  TACtile the Textile Arts Center


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