GLENDALE, Colo. (CBS4) – A 12-year-old Denver area girl told CBS4 she was heartbroken after she was in a sporting goods store and someone stole the boots she had just gotten as a present from her grandmother.

Gretchen birthday was a couple weeks ago and her grandmother gave her a pair of Ugg boots.

She was with her mother in Sports Authority in Glendale recently and trying on some new shoes.

“While I was trying on the shoes, I put my Uggs sort of in the corner by some boxes and then we decided to get inserts so we sort of went around the corner,” she said.

When she came back her Uggs were gone.

Sports Authority actually sells the exact boot, and store managers helped search the boxes of boots to see if someone thought they belonged to the store. It was possible, since Gretchen’s Uggs were practically brand new and she still has the box they came in.

“So we had the whole store look for the Uggs, but we couldn’t find them,” Gretchen told CBS4.

According to the Glendale police report, surveillance video from the Sports Authority at the time shows a male and female enter the area and “the female place the Ugg boots on her feet” and then “the two walk out of the store.”

“Why would they steal a 12-year-old girl’s shoes? I mean that’s just sad,” Gretchen said.

Sports Authority initially gave Gretchen $85 in gift cards, but it wasn’t enough to cover the cost of new Uggs. Then 4 On Your Side investigator Jodi Brooks got involved and contacted the company’s corporate office. They said they would provide more gift cards so Gretchen could have enough to cover the full cost of the boots.

“It’s still a big shock that someone would steal Uggs and would just slip them on and run. They could be anywhere wearing my Uggs,” she said. “The lady just slipped on my Uggs and left.”


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