Written by Meteorologist Dave AguileraDENVER(CBS)- If you’re a night owl and like to stay up late. You may want to get somewhere away from the city lights late Friday night. The Leonid Meteor Shower will be firing pretty good around Midnight Friday and peaking around 2:30 AM to 3 AM and fewer as we get closer to sunrise over the Front Range.

Skies may be partly cloudy over the area, but, if you can find a clear patch astronomers are predicting you may be able to see about 15 to 20 meteors an hour.

You should be able to see the Leonids by looking straight up into the sky and getting away from city lights. The Leonid meteor shower is left over debris from the Tempel-Tuttle comet hitting the Earths atmosphere. If you don’t get out on Friday night you should still be able to see a few more meteors overnight Saturday into Sunday and again overnight into Monday. Just not as many.


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