WESTMINTSER, Colo. (CBS4)– A Westminster man is facing similar charges on a federal level and in Jefferson County for allegedly threatening the president and plotting to kill students at a trick-or-treat event.

Mitchell Kusick is accused of making plans to shoot children at Standley Lake High School. His therapist called police after discussing Kusick’s plan.

Neighbors were shocked to learn that Kusick lived just down the street.

“I didn’t know him. Had no idea. We know most of our neighbors, but didn’t know him,” said neighbor Robin Buchler. “We just had the Jessica Ridgeway thing so now with this, it’s kind of scary that it’s all happening so close to home.”

According to the arrest affidavit, Kusick, 20, told police he was planning on killing children on Halloween because he was looking for somewhere with a lot of people and he “could have the biggest impact.”

Police records state that Kusick went to his aunt and uncle’s house and took one of their guns and hid it inside their home.

In a meeting with his therapist on Oct. 29 Kusick allegedly revealed that he had planned to use the gun to kill children at the school’s Trick or Treat Street event on Halloween.

He then allegedly was planning on continuing to shoot and hoped to plan to draw police into a gunfight.

According to the document, Kusick had homicidal fantasies on a daily basis for the past five or six years and he was obsessed with the Columbine shootings, Virginia Tech shootings and the Jessica Ridgeway case.

Kusick also allegedly admitted that he wanted to assassinate President Barack Obama. He said he had been keeping track of his travel schedule, and wanted to go down in history as “the guy who killed Obama.”

When Kusick was interviewed by the Secret Service, he said he was interested in snipers and had studied the Aurora movie theater shooting and suspect James Holmes’ case. He told the agent “I share an understanding of his (Holmes’) situation.”

After the meeting the therapist allegedly told Kusick to go to the hospital, and she contacted police. Kusick was arrested the next day.

Officials with JeffCo Schools said in a statement that “at no time were children attending the Trick-or-Treat Street event in any danger from the suspect because he was already in police custody.” It goes on to say “we appreciate the swift response from law enforcement and Jeffco district security which helped keep our students safe.”

A temporary restraining order is keeping Kusick away from Standley Lake High School. Jefferson County School District will seek a permanent restraining order for Kusick on Thursday.

Kusick also faces a civil restraining order.

Kusick had been taking classes at Mesa State University and had been living with his family in Westminster.


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