DENVER (CBS4) – Expect plenty of company if you’re heading out of town for Thanksgiving.

AAA says more Americans will be traveling this year. It is predicting more than 43 million people will go at least 50 miles from home. That’s up seven tenths of a percent from last year.

If you are flying, the TSA wants you to be prepared for the increased scrutiny this holiday season.

TSA chief John Pistole says there is a new program that should help make the time you spend in airport security lines much better. It’s called TSA Pre, which is a pre-screening program designed for known travelers and active duty military.

“We look forward to expanding the known and trusted populations in 2013, always mindful of the latest intelligence of terrorists’ intent to do us harm,” Pistole said.

“Enhancements and modifications that are based on mitigating rather than eliminating risk demonstrate our agency’s commitment, first and foremost, to security, but they also underscore our understanding that the vast majority of passengers don’t pose a threat to aviation.”

If you are driving to your destination this Thanksgiving, here are some tips CBS4’s Gloria Neal shared to keep the bumps to a minimum:

– Fill you gas tank the night before to save time.

– Check traffic routes just before you leave to minimize delays.

– Leave early and come back late to avoid traffic.

– Pack the night before and put everything in your car just before you go to bed.

– Have books, games and snacks for kids.

Sunday, Nov. 25 is expected to be the busiest travel day, followed by Wednesday, Nov. 21, and Monday, Nov. 26.

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