DENVER (CBS4) – All of the passengers on Southwest Flight 1905 have either arrived at their final destinations or will by the end of the evening after their jet slid off a taxiway at Denver International Airport Saturday evening.

The flight came into DIA around 5 p.m. from Oakland, Calif. The nose of the plane slid off of the taxiway just before it reached the terminal.

Nobody was injured, but passengers had to be bused to the terminal and many missed their connections and ended up staying the night.

DIA officials say weather-monitoring equipment showed the pavement was wet, not icy, and that snow wasn’t sticking to the ground when the plane arrived. But the initial report from Southwest is that the plane’s nose slid off of the taxiway.

Authorities, including those with the Federal Aviation Administration, will investigate. They’ll even listen to radio traffic between the pilots and the tower just to make sure what happened.

Passengers on the flight were given hotel vouchers, meal vouchers, and some say cash vouchers that they can apply toward future tickets for their inconvenience.

“You know, just could basically see the field and grass coming at us and feel the front of the plane drop off the edge and then we stopped quickly after that,” passenger Shane LaRue said.

The Southwest jet was towed to a hanger where it can be inspected to make sure there is no damage before it is put back in service.


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