PARKER, Colo. (CBS4) – Investigators say they’re getting tips as they try to find out if there are other possible victims of a young man accused of sexually assaulting a child at a recreation center.

The boy ran for help and police later tracked down and arrested 19-year-old Corrin Cleveland.

The alleged assault happened earlier this week at the Parker Recreation Center off Lincoln Avenue. Police say Cleveland is a registered sex offender, but CBS4 learned it’s not easy for his neighbors or anyone else to know that.

Cleveland’s name isn’t listed on the National Sex Offender Registry or the Colorado Sex Offender Registry. On a local registry, CBS4’s Brooke Rogers found one offender by his name but learned it “couldn’t be displayed on the web.”

“Obviously he is a registered sex offender. There is an extensive history with him,” Lt. Doreen Jokerst with Parker police said. “We want to make sure if there are additional victims out there, that they come forward.”

“I thought they were supposed to give neighbors a heads up on when a sex offender moved in,” Cleveland’s neighbor Steve England said.

Cleveland is considered a “non Web-eligible” sex offender. Former sex offender therapist Saundra Johnson McBride explained why.

“What that means usually is that it’s a juvenile, and juveniles, unless they’ve been charged with an adult offense, are not Web-eligible,” McBride said.

That makes identifying some registered sex offenders a much more complicated process than a Web search.

“At this time, in order to access information about a juvenile who is a registered sex offender, they would have to go to the precinct area where the juvenile registers,” McBride said.

According to Colorado law, public notification is only required for sexually-violent predators. Cleveland’s neighbors say they wish they had known.

“Being notified would help us be more aware sooner, you know, in case something would happen. So that’s disturbing,” neighbor Karen England said.

Current Colorado law prevents the state from putting juvenile and misdemeanor sex offender information on the Web-based registry that is available on the Colorado Bureau of Investigation website. This does not mean the information is not available. Citizens can obtain the entire list — including juvenile and misdemeanor offenders — by requesting it from CBI or local law enforcement agencies. CBI provides the full statewide sex offender registry on CD for the cost of making a copy. Ordering information can be found on the CBI website.



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