DENVER (CBS4)– There are new accusations against a dentist who has already been accused of reusing needles and putting thousands of patients at risk.

Dr. Stephen Stein went into hiding after the allegations surfaced, but CBS4 captured video of him at his home on Thursday. He declined to answer any questions.

He is also facing a criminal investigation into alleged prescription fraud. Denver police say their investigation is ongoing.

Stein’s former business partner, Dr. Neil Dobro, claims he was not informed about Stein’s history of drug abuse when they started their practice.

He claims that he later learned Stein was getting high before performing surgeries, placing people’s lives in danger.

Dobro said it has impacted his primary business at New Image Dental Implant Center located at 3737 East 1st Avenue in Denver.

Dobro said he never knew that Stein’s first employer fired him over a drug problem. That employer apparently agreed not to report Stein to the dental board if he promised to leave Colorado.

Instead, Stein continued to practice dentistry in the state.

When Dobro started investigating the allegations himself, he discovered that Stein would over-prescribe medication to his patients and then instruct them to bring the drugs into the office where he would allegedly set some aside for himself.

Dobro said Stein is a thief, liar and drug addict.

Dobro said the reputation of his business, New Image, has been damaged by Stein’s misconduct, causing him to loose patients and revenue.

Dobro said he has been forced to assume full responsibility for treating patients, re-treating them when Stein should have.

Since Oct. 1, six former patients of Stein have tested positive for either hepatitis or HIV.

It’s not known whether they contracted the diseases from Dr. Stephen Stein’s office. Stein has since surrendered his license as an oral surgeon.

About 8,000 of Stein’s patients were sent letters asking them to get tested. The health department says it’s impossible to definitively tell if the infected patients got sick from Stein.

Stein had offices in Cherry Creek and Highlands Ranch.


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