DENVER (CBS4)– The presidential campaign has been focused on Colorado voters with the state occupying one of swing state status. The campaigns of both men running for Commander in Chief are optimistic leading into election day.

On the CBS4 Morning News just before the polls opened on Tuesday, Romney Senior Campaign spokesman Ryan Williams said they are confident that voters are ready for real change.

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“We’re very optimistic about the race. Gov. Romney has run a very strong campaign and has laid out the very clear choice that voters are facing between his call for real change, his plan to create 12 million new jobs and empower the private sector and Pres. Obama who has not laid out any new plans or his vision for a second term,” said Williams.

Watch Williams’ entire interview on the CBS4 Morning News below.

Pres. Obama Senior Campaign Adviser Robert Gibbs also spoke on CBS4 Morning News just minutes before the polls opened Tuesday morning. He said this is a big election and every vote matters.

“The president campaigned on wanting four more years because we’ve made some big decisions that have gotten this economy moving forward again but we’ve still got work to do to continue to get us back to where we were and where we want to be. I think that’s the president’s message going into the last little bit of this campaign. We feel good about where we are,” said Gibbs.

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Watch Gibbs’ entire interview on the CBS4 Morning News below.

Williams also said Romney is the only choice for voters looking for a change.

“In swing states where there are a lot of voters up for grabs, who are looking for change, who are trying to find the candidate who will really turn around our country, like Colorado, Virginia, Ohio, and other places, Gov. Romney has surged in the polls, he’s tied heading into election day and we think we’re in a strong position to capture voters who are heading into today undecided and win the presidency,” said Williams.

Gibbs said there are many items on President Obama’s priority list.

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“I think it is laser-like focus on this economy. How do we bring manufacturing jobs that have left this country back from overseas? How do we increase and double our exports so we can sell those products all over the world? How do we strengthen our math and science education so we can train the workforce for those jobs? How do we continue to keep our country safe and secure? And how do we take advantage of the myriad of domestic energy in this country, be it natural gas and oil and also clean energy that can also create good jobs?” said Gibbs.