ENGLEWOOD, Colo. (CBS4) – The tentacles of Hurricane Sandy stretched all the way to Dove Valley as a few Denver Broncos have been affected by the storm — they have family on the East Coast.

The Broncos began practicing for the Cincinnati Bengals on Wednesday, but for a few players football may not seem quite as important this week. Safety Mike Adams’ immediate family all live in New Jersey.

“It’s tough because I’m walking outside with short-sleeves on and flip-flops and my family is in the house, my brothers and sisters are in the house with no power,” Adams said. “That’s a tough thing to swallow and I can’t get them out here because there are no flights.”

“I still have family back in Jersey, New York area, Tri-State area,” running back Lance Ball said. “It’s pretty bad; they just don’t have any power … everybody’s okay.”

Peyton Manning is a veteran of hurricanes being from New Orleans. He remembers trying to concentrate on football while his hometown was virtually underwater during Hurricane Katrina.

“I think all of us football players try to have our priorities and figuring out what’s really important,” Manning said. “We’ve had some terrible tragedies here in Colorado this offseason. So if football gives people a lift, that’s a good thing, but certainly there are a lot more important things than football games, we all know that.”

Hurricane Sandy has also affected the Manning family because Peyton’s brother Eli lives in the New York area. Peyton said Eli and his family are doing just fine.


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