DENVER (CBS4) – He is easily one of the greatest artists in history, and Denver Art Museum patrons can enjoy for a limited time 70 paintings by Vincent Van Gogh — exclusively.

“We’re trying to downplay the biographical issues of his mental disease, of his excitability, but instead we’re really focusing on helping people learn how to look. This is intelligent looking. This is going through the very segments of his career, to be enriched and finally say, ‘Oh, I understand,'” said Denver Art Museum Curator Timothy Standring.

PHOTO GALLERY: Becoming Van Gogh

The exhibit is not just a Denver exclusive, or a United States exclusive, but the exhibit “Becoming Van Gogh” is a world exclusive, only at the Denver Art Museum.

Van Gogh was a self-taught artists. He traveled through Europe discovering the styles and techniques he needed to release his passion.

“That’s one of the reasons you want to come to his exhibition because it’s irreplaceable. You have to see the original. You can blow these up on digital but seeing the marks of thick paint on a canvas or the reed ink and pen marks on a drawing, it’s irreplaceable,” said Standring.

There are 70 works by Van Gogh and 20 by others who influenced him.

Becoming Van Gogh runs through Jan. 20. For tickets visit

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