Denver Broncos fans follow the commandments of tailgating (Credit, Mary Jeneverre Schultz)

As one of the top-rated tailgate cities in the nation, Denver remains to be an accessible, fair-weathered environment for pre-game festivities. Broncos fans from everywhere gather at Sports Authority Field at Mile High to rally their team on game day. Devout Broncos fans will tell you that there are rules to every game-day party that will ensure victory and stress-free fun. Here are the 10 commandments of tailgating in Denver.

1. Thou Shall Arrive On Time. As we’ve said before, timing is essential since Sports Authority Field tailgating spots are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Tickets for tailgating spots open as early as 8 a.m. for afternoon games and noon for evening games. Lot C is tailgate VIP and space is limited, so get there early for this prime locale.

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2. Thou Shall Adhere to Facility Regulations. Following the rules of the stadium are as important as following the commandments themselves, as failure to do so can result in citation, loss of season parking and tickets passes and even arrest.

3. Thou Shall Decorate Accordingly. No tailgate party is complete without appropriate Broncos flair. So get creative when decorating your truck, car, van, bus or limo for the next home-game celebration. From streamers, flags and magnetic car decals to grill gear and utensils – gear up your tailgate site with everything blue and orange.

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4. Thou Shall Feed Thy Hungry Crowd. Every Broncos fan knows that where there is fire, there must be food. And game day is no exception. So don’t skimp on the nourishment your party pals will need to cheer on the Broncos from start to finish. Protein, starches, veggies and sweet treats are all essentials for game-day chow. Remember to come prepared with a little extra for those big boys and their unexpected entourages.

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5. Thou Shall Not Forget The Booze. What goes better with a fresh, grilled brat than an ice cold Colorado brew? No tailgate is complete without a cocktail or brew to keep your party people hydrated. And us Coloradoans are the lucky ones, with awesome local breweries cranking out fresh, hoppy beers.

6. Thou Shall Not Drive Drunk. While Broncos fans know how to have some fun, they also know the importance of safety. Make sure your crew gets home safely by designating a sober driver or arranging for a ride. The city of Denver takes pride in offering numerous accommodations to get you where you need to go without endangering anyone on the road. From cabs to buses to carpools, you’re sure to have a safe option.

7. Thou Shall Have Some Fun. What are tailgaters to do while they wait for the grub to cook? Play. Bring along activities to occupy your guests while they patiently await your delicious chow. Beer pong, bean-bag toss, cards and catch are always great games to bring along to the tailgate party. And many can be found with Broncos themes so your team spirit is limitless.

8. Thou Shall Not Stand. If you follow the first commandment, you leave yourself plenty of time to engage in party fun, but standing for hours just won’t do. From logo-clad chairs to party benches, anything goes for seating around here.

9. Thou Shall Not Trash Talk The Opposition. As the saying goes, it only takes one bad egg to ruin it for everyone else. So rather than participate in aggressive displays of sportsmanship, leave the rowdy trash talk at home. With families, friends and fellow fans in abundance, safety is important to ensure a good time for everyone. Besides, visiting fans are paying fans too and are entitled to safety and fun just like the rest of us. Be courteous!

10. Thou Shall Not Litter. Denver is one of the cleanest cities in the country, so help keep it that way by bringing trash bags for all your disposal needs. Clean up after yourself appropriately and don’t be lazy. Sure, someone probably gets paid to clean up trash, but that doesn’t mean you’re entitled to litter. Help out your fellow residents and guests and show your green pride by responsibly cleaning up.

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