DENVER (CBS4) – As Denver Broncos fans headed out to the game on Sunday, local business owners near the Pepsi Center were hoping to cash in.

Dozens of people began lining up at Brooklyn’s restaurant Sunday even before the doors were open. Dressed in their best orange and blue, Broncos fans were ready to get the party started hours before the game.

“We’re just out enjoying a couple drinks, enjoying the games, watching the early games, just getting ready for the game tonight,” Matt Zalucki said.

“I came all the way from New York just to see the game. I go whenever they’re in the area too,” Tony Cesare said.

Three buddies were making a day of the game. It’s encouraging for manager Kyle Gutherz. Restaurants like Brooklyn’s and next door Tailgate Roadhouse depend on Pepsi Center events. After hearing the NHL season was canceled through Nov. 30, he was a bit concerned about business.

“We are starting to see and make projections based on that. Obviously business will be down. We really wish the Nuggets will start a bit earlier, but obviously we don’t have any control over that,” Gutherz said.

But with Broncos games playing at nearby Sports Authority Field during prime time, they’re seeing a dinner rush before fans head to the game.

“We’re seeing great crowd turnout. A lot of people are coming to the games. A lot of people are coming here for burgers and beers beforehand. The later the game, the longer we actually get to serve the guests,” Gutherz said.

Gutherz still hopes to see the Avalanche players back on the ice and soon. Until then he’s welcoming Broncos fans for lunch and dinner.

Brooklyn’s and Tailgate Roadhouse’s managers want fans to know they are still open despite the NHL lockout.


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