DENVER (CBS4) – The airlines are already planning to help travelers during what could be the worst of Hurricane Sandy on the East Coast early next week.

As Sandy creeps up on the East Coast there’s no telling how hard it will hit.

Gary and Rita Loughlin were headed home to Harrisburg, Penn. They went through a bad storm last year and want to make sure they’re back and ready before Sandy hits.

“We had a pretty bad flood around there about this time last year. So everyone’s preparing for maybe the same thing. We’ll just wait and see,” Gary Loughlin said.

“It’s kind of scary when you hear about storms coming,” Rita Loughlin said.

The airline industry is also bracing for a potential mess. American Airlines said they’ll offer customers traveling between Oct. 28 and 31 flexibility when changing their flights, as long as they’re flying through affected airports.

Frontier said the same, but only for people traveling between Oct. 29 and 31. On Southwest’s website they say they’re monitoring the conditions and operating scheduled services.

Lexie Payne was on her way to the Bahamas, luckily with no delay. It was some good news except for the bag she lost.

“We’re going to get there, I don’t know about my luggage,” Payne said.

United didn’t return calls from CBS4, so check their website and call ahead.

Denver International Airport said they’ve already notified area hotels to be on alert for stranded passengers.


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