DENVER (CBS4) – A 4 On Your Side investigation has found that Austin Sigg, the suspect in the Jessica Ridgeway murder, came from a difficult background.

Sigg’s father has been in and out of legal trouble and his mother had financial problems and a history of divorce.

Austin Sigg’s father, Robert J. Sigg, has a history of both civil and criminal problems. Court records show the father was arrested for driving under the influence in Douglas County in 2004, domestic violence in the same county, and DUI arrests in Arapahoe and Jefferson counties. He also had an assault arrest in Jefferson County and a drug dealing arrest in Weld County.

The FBI arrested Robert Sigg and he was convicted in 2006 for involvement in a mortgage fraud scheme.

Records show Robert Sigg has been married and divorced several times and has been wrapped up in dozens of civil actions over money.

Robert Sigg (credit: Arapahoe County Sheriff’s Office)

Robert Sigg’s ex-wife, Austin Sigg’s mother Mindy Sigg, lives in a Westminster home with their son. She also had money problems. In May, court documents show Mindy Sigg filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy..

Austin Sigg’s parents were divorced 12 years ago.