THORNTON, Colo. (CBS4) – People lined up Saturday to have their children photographed and fingerprinted.

The Child Safety Fair was held at the Jeep dealership in Thornton. It was an opportunity for parents to get an identification kit for each child complete with a palm print, fingerprints, and a digital photograph.

Parents said having the record is invaluable.

“We’re calling it the insurance policy; things on file just in case, you know, just like insurance,” mother Jill Morian said. “Hopefully we never need it but it’s our insurance that they are on file in case we do need them some day.”

“It’s important at any age, whether you’re a newborn or 18 years old,” mother Tina Fisbeck said. “It’s important to have that information on hand.”

The crowd was much bigger than anticipated in the wake of Jessica Ridgeway’s abduction.


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