DENVER (CBS4) – He is easily one of the greatest artists in history, and in just a few days, Denver Art Museum patrons be able to enjoy 70 paintings by Vincent Van Gogh — exclusively.

The exhibit is not just a Denver exclusive, or a United States exclusive, but the exhibit “Becoming Van Gogh” is a world exclusive, only at the Denver Art Museum.

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“The one reason is the enormous commitment that we have from our donors from our community; from people who really said, ‘You’ve got to do this show, we’ll help you finance it,’ ” Christoph Heinrich with the Denver Art Museum said. “This wouldn’t be possible if it wouldn’t be for Timothy Standring.”

Standring, a long time curator at the museum, used networks and contacts over the past seven years to put the one-of-a-kind show together.

“To be the curator of this exhibition I had to see everything before we made a decision,” Standring said.

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It explores the continuing fascination the modern world has with the artistic and emotional vision of Van Gogh.

“It’s not a biographical, necessarily. It’s not about the life of Van Gogh. It’s about him systematically, rationally going about becoming an artist,” Standring said.

There will be 70 works by Van Gogh and 20 by others who influenced him.

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“Becoming Van Gogh opens Sunday, Oct. 21 and runs through Jan. 20. For tickets visit