DENVER (CBS4) – While memories of Tim Tebow are beginning to erode from Broncos fans’ minds, the New York Jets are the ones in the thick of the Tebow debate this year.

During the Game Talk segment of CBS4’s show Chevy Football Preview over the weekend former Broncos lineman Tom Nalen said despite the Jets woes so far this year, they shouldn’t consider benching their starting quarterback Mark Sanchez for the former Bronco.

“No, it should never be Tebow time. He’s a terrible quarterback. He cannot throw the ball. He’s not very intelligent,” Nalen said. “He’s probably the 65th best quarterback in the NFL. Thirty two teams, times two — that’s 64. So, he’s a third string quarterback.”

Former Broncos running back Reggie Rivers, also a featured guest on Game Talk, said he “doesn’t think Tebow will ever be successful as an NFL quarterback” but that the Jets might as well let him start.

“The Jets saw what he did last year, they knew exactly what his strengths and weaknesses were. If you traded for him and actively brought him to your team and you didn’t cut him in training camp and now he’s on your roster and your starting quarterback is struggling … Why wouldn’t you put him on the field? Why would you go get him if you didn’t plan to put him on the field. So I think that, yes, it is Tebow time.”

The Jets traded a fourth round and a sixth round pick to the Broncos in exchange for Tebow after Executive Vice President John Elway and the Broncos convinved Peyton Manning to sign with Denver. So far Tebow hasn’t seen much playing time for the Jets, and Nalen noted that he has been used a little bit on punt coverage. Still, he’s not completely anti-Tebow.

“The only thing that would help them Jets is expanding the Tebow package, and that’s what I thought they should do,” Nalen said. “Give him more plays. Have the defense prepare for his offense more, as well as Sanchez, kind of split their reps up.

“But to start Tim Tebow? Hell no.”


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