DENVER (CBS4)– Denver Mayor Michael Hancock said the presidential debate at the University of Denver will put the Mile High city in the spotlight across the world.

“Denver is ready to host this debate and I can tell you this is a tremendous honor for the people of Denver and a tremendous honor for the University of Denver,” said Hancock during an interview with CBS4’s Alan Gionet on the CBS4 Morning News Wednesday.

Hancock said DU and Denver will get a lot of exposure with the presidential debate with different segments of the population around the globe.

“For the next 24, 48 hours Denver, Colorado and the University of Denver will be on the lips of more than 50 million people and that’s pretty exciting for us,” said Hancock. “We’re on the global stage and all over the world people will be watching this debate. They’ll be looking at the beautiful climate and the scenery of Denver. They’ll be looking at people really gearing up to be involved.

“They’re tuning in right now, watching us here on the beautiful morning in Denver and hopefully it’ll continue to do exactly what the Democratic National Convention did for us. Bring people to Denver as businesses and tourists and help us continue to be the number one convention destination in the world.”

Hancock said he believes there will be two distinct messages delivered during the debate.

“I think you’re going to hear two candidates lay out two very fundamentally different agendas for America to move this country forward. One candidate is going to talk about continuing to move forward. The other is going to lay out policies that are designed to bring America back,” said Hancock. “My goal, my hope is that we’ll hear very clearly those agenda items and how the candidates are going to move this nation forward economically on domestic policies.”


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