DENVER (CBS4) – When it comes to judging the debate in Denver on Wednesday night, Colorado’s governor thought President Barack Obama and Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney battled to a draw.

“The amount of factual information they have at their command and how much of the issues they are totally on top of is remarkable,” Hickenlooper said. “They are clearly very different but I think they both know their stuff.”

Hickenlooper, who attended the debate at the Magness Arena at the University of Denver, “thought the president was more reserved and I think in some ways more presidential.”

He said he thought Romney was “aggressive and very focused and sharp.”

PHOTO GALLERY: Debate Images | Preparing For The Denver Debate

Hickenlooper said he thought undecided voters may well have formed a better idea about who they are going to vote for after watching the debate.

The city and state handled the security and traffic issues surrounding the debate with no major hiccups, and Hickenlooper said he was proud that the state was once again in the national spotlight.


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