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Written by Brooke WagnerA few years ago, my best Halloween advice would have been to buy ahead. Those 90 percent off post-holiday sales can be SO much fun.

And, it’s still a fantastic option for parents looking for dress up clothes, adult costumes for next year, or for younger children who may be flexible about next year’s costume.

That said, I now have a wardrobe of Halloween costumes, from kitty cats to ninjas, piled up in the basement. I will certainly find someone who can get good use out of them, but the point is – did I really save, in the end? Probably not.

I do still love the collection of high quality decorations I’ve bought for 10 percent of the original price, over the years. My favorite is a haunted house snow globe (originally $100) I bought for $3 at Marshall’s in late November.

For the last two years, my kiddos (10 and 7) have made their costumes entirely out of items we already had. And they changed their minds about ten times. Thrift stores like Goodwill and Savers have TONS of costumes and accessories to round out the look for pennies.

When it comes to candy, I wondered – is it better to buy early…or late? Most savings experts agree, the best prices (pre-Halloween) are the week before trick-or-treat night. But, buyer beware; those bulk bags are not always the best deal.

Check the shelf price against the cost per ounce to see if a bunch of smaller bags (and more variety) might suit your budget better.

Of course, another advantage of buying late – you won’t gobble up all the candy before the goblins even get here! That’s no bargain for your waistline, either!

Here’s one of the great articles I found on this subject: dailyfinance.com

By the way, if you’re looking for fun and inexpensive Halloween décor, my kids and I always have a ball picking up spooky accoutrements at the dollar store. You’d be amazed what you can do with $10!

Happy haunting! Tweet me with your Halloween bargains, too!

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