DENVER (CBS4)– The popular talk show The Talk kicked off Season 3 with a stunt that got a lot of people talking. And they ladies are preparing for a lot more surprises and “Talk Takeaways” for the fall.

During Monday’s Season 3 premiere the hosts, Julie Chen, Aisha Tyler, Sara Gilbert, Sharon Osbourne and Sheryl Underwood took the stage eau naturale, without any makeup or designer clothes.

CBS4 anchor Alan Gionet talked with Chen and Tyler about the reasoning behind the no makeup show.

“I think Monday’s show demonstrated that the real magic is in the chemistry that gets created everyday when Aisha and I sit down with Sara Gilbert, Sharon Osbourne and Sheryl Underwood and we talk about either the headlines or the issues that everyone else is talking about. And we say things that may not be considered polite dinner conversation, but it’s what you’re thinking!” said Chen. “That’s the magic.”

WEB EXTRA: Watch the entire interview with Aisha Tyler and Julie Chen of The Talk

“We try to tell the truth everyday and be honest and I think that’s why people connect with the show because there is a frankness there,” said Tyler.

“A lot of men watch the show and what my husband said he loves about the show is that here are five women who are nice and kind to each other, you’re not trying to tear each other down. So many of these shows on TV these women are kind of beating up on each other. Even though you don’t agree there is never a meanness to it.”

Gionet also asked about Brooke Shields filling in as a co-host during part of the premiere week. This will be the first time she is taking on the role of co-host instead of a guest.

“We’ve grown up watching her grow up. She’s just smart and classy and self-depricating. After the last time we had her on the show we all said, ‘Oh my God, we’ve got to get her back in here because she has led this extraordinary life,'” said Tyler.

“She was so fun and honest and bold. She told stories about her personal life that involved big-name celebrities,” said Chen. “She was dishy but not in a nasty way. In a fun, girlfriend way.”

This season The Talk will be welcoming some experts like Dr. Phil, Dr. Sanjay Gupta and fashion expert Tim Gunn. It’s part of a plan to give viewers information they can utilize in their daily lives.

“What we’re trying to do with Season 3 of the show is inspire people,” said Chen. “We want you to spend one hour a day with us where not only will you laugh and be entertained but there will be some sort of, we call it “Talk Takeaway.” If there is one thing that you get from our show that you can incorporate into your life that makes your life easier, then take it! And that’s what we’re doing with these experts we’ve booked for Season 3.”

The Talk airs on CBS4 at 1 p.m. weekdays.



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