JEFFERSON COUNTY, Colo. (CBS4) – Drivers ended up with flat tires after tacks turned up along a busy metro street on Monday. A criminal investigation is now under way to find out how the tacks got on the road.

The tacks turned up on Bowles Avenue on the stretch roughly between Kipling and Simms, and just in time for the rush hour.

The Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office said they don’t know if the tacks were intentionally placed on the road, but they are suspicious because it was such a long stretch of road that had tacks. They also never found a box that might have once contained the tacks.

Katie McNeil had just dropped off her daughter at school and was heading to school herself, traveling eastbound on Bowles, when she heard something that wasn’t right.

“I saw what I thought were pebbles in the road and I swerved a little bit, I didn’t swerve too much, and I felt a thump-thump-thump-thump,” McNeil said. “I rolled down my window and heard a clackety-clackety-clack and looked at my tires and saw I rolled over some tacks.”

jeffco flat tires map conso Tacks Spilled On Busy Road, Criminal Charges Possible

(credit: CBS)

McNeil had to replace three of her tires to the cost of $700.

“Not the way I wanted to start my Monday,” she said.

The sheriff who responded to the call also got tacks in all four of his tires along with a street sweeper.

It’s recommended that other victims call their insurance company. Comprehensive coverage is anything conceivable that can happen to a vehicle except a collision. Also call the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office so they can add your name to the list of victims in case criminal charges are brought against somebody.


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