AURORA, Colo. (CBS4) – A black bear was spotted just yards from the 18th hole at an Aurora golf course over the weekend.

Dozens of people living near the Heritage Eagle Bend Golf Club received reverse 911 calls warning them of a bear in the area Saturday morning.

It was just another day on the golf course for Jeff Ulvedal and Brian Bonus. But Saturday as they were riding in their golf cart they saw a black bear.

“We slowly went towards it and then we saw it enter into the homes, and then we stopped and thought, ‘What are we doing?’ ” Ulvedal said.

The bear was between the golf course and several nearby homes. Ulvedal and Bonus were literally just a few yards from it.

“I was anxious and excited when I saw it at first, and then we kind of got a little closer and started getting a little apprehensive,” Bonus said.

Ulvedal took a picture of the bear and called Aurora police, who then called Colorado Parks and Wildlife out to the golf course. They weren’t able to find it but remind neighbors and golfers if they see a bear east of Interstate 25 to contact Colorado State Patrol. Give the bear room and don’t go near it.

Wildlife officials think the bear likely ended up far from home by following drainage ditches and will head back to its own habitat if left alone.

“We’re very lucky and we’re glad. When we pulled through here, about two minutes after the bear got through here there were numerous people walking their dogs and walking around and we’re very lucky,” Ulvedal said.

The two were just excited they were able to see the bear near the course with their own eyes. Although it could still be wandering nearby, they’re thankful no one was hurt.

Wildlife officials say the bear could likely be looking for new territory.


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