DENVER (CBS4) – It’s a journey back to ancient Italy nearly 2,000 years ago and it marks two nightmare days on the southern flanks of Mount Vesuvius.

CBS4 Critic at Large Greg Moody took a look at how to get advance tickets for “A Day in Pompeii.”

“The city of Pompeii disappeared within 24 hours. Rediscovered in the 1700s, Pompeii — its culture — its tragedy — its people — are now part of a stunning exhibit coming next month to the Denver Museum Of Nature & Science,” Moody said.

It’s a multimedia experience of film and frescoes — an ancient culture lost in ash and the people who never had a chance to get away.

“The history — the tragedy of Pompeii — has fascinated me for years. So this upcoming exhibit at the Denver Museum of Nature & Science has got to be a must see for me,” Moody said.

More than 250 artifacts buried for centuries in the ash will be on display, including artwork, sculpture and jewelry. There’s also a digital examination of daily life in Pompeii, as well as the day it all came a tumbling down.

“A Day in Pompeii” opens Sept. 14 and runs through Jan. 13, 2013. Advance tickets go on sale Friday, Aug. 24 at They’re $24 for adults, $15 for students and $17 for seniors. That includes admission to the entire museum.

“I’ve always felt a strange sort of kinship with the poor schnooks who didn’t get out — thinking Vesuvius was nothing more than a noisy neighbor. It will be an honor to actually meet them and see their world next month at the Museum Of Nature & Science,” Moody said.

LINK: A Day in Pompeii

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