DENVER (CBS4)– A college student who was the victim of a brutal attack in downtown Denver claims police blew him off when he first reported it.

He claims the attack on August 17 at 20th and Market was unprovoked and he never saw it coming.

“Just laid a haymaker and it knocked me to the ground,” he said. “I broke my jaw right here and over here and they had to put two plates in my face and 14 screws.

“I’m on a liquid diet for six weeks.”

He was drinking with friends downtown to celebrate his new internship. When they left he said they were jumped by a group of Hispanic males.

(credit: CBS)

“Everything was fine, we had no conflict the entire night. It was a great night up until that moment,” he said.

When he went to police for help, he said the officer simply drove away, “We walked over to the car and the cop was like, ‘Get away from the car, you’re bleeding on my car.'”

His friend was the sober driver that night. He said when they asked a nearby officer for help, he dismissed them and drove away.

“He never got out so I just kind of told him it was five Hispanic males and I pointed which way they had run off. He said, ‘Okay’ and just rolled up his window,” said the friend.

“He might have thought we were just some drunk idiots that fell and didn’t think anything happened. Either way he should have helped me,” he said.

The Denver Police Department confirms there is an internal investigation surrounding the incident. They cannot comment on the investigation while it’s ongoing.

He has not been able to return to school because of his injuries. He said what he wants now is justice from the people who did this and those meant to prevent it.

Editor’s note: An earlier version of this report included the college student’s name. That has since been removed.