DENVER (CBS4)– If you like your comfort food with plenty of salt you’ll be cutting down at Boston Market. The Golden-based restaurant chain is taking aim at sodium content.

The restaurant is taking salt shakers off the tables. They are also taking a closer look at the menu.

Right now one serving of rotisserie chicken has 710 milligrams of sodium. The mashed potatoes have 820 milligrams of sodium. The mac and cheese has 1,100 milligrams. Those numbers could drop by 20 percent in six months.

“We think it’s the future. We think people are going to become more concerned about it and we wanted to be leading the way,” said Boston Market spokeswoman Sara Bittorf.

The goal for the restaurant is to cut sodium by 15 percent across its menu.

Boston Market isn’t giving its entire menu a makeover. The restaurant recognizes that part of its draw is comfort food and the taste that comes with it.

“We’re never going to have the healthiest mac and cheese on the block and our mashed potatoes are never going to be low calorie because we’re about indulgence,” said Bittorf.

Those with taste buds who crave salt can still find it, instead of on the table it will be located at the drink counter.


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