DENVER (CBS4)– What will happen to former site of the University Hospital is causing controversy. A proposal for a Walmart to build in the area has many neighbors upset.

Residents will begin meeting at 7 p.m. Wednesday to discuss their concerns over the big box store moving into their neighborhood.

The proposal concerns the property at 9th and Colorado. That neighborhood already endures heavy traffic that is frustrating for residents living in Hilltop, Congress Park and Mayfair.

walmart map Former University Hospital Neighborhood Debates Proposed Walmart

(credit: CBS)

Some worry that the 24-hour Walmart would make the traffic situation even worse. Neighbors hope to keep their area quiet with little crime.

“You get concerned with what kind of clientelle is brought in and will more crime come in. Those are questions that are unknown and we would like to see something more upscale,” said one resident.

“There will be a lot more cars and a lot more noise and a lot more people around,” said another.

Walmart said the store they are planning for the neighborhood would be a smaller store than the traditional 24-hour superstores. They also confirmed that security would be provided at the store.

The meeting about the proposed Walmart at 9th and Colorado Boulevard is open to the public. It’s scheduled for August 15, 7 p.m. at National Jewish Heath Medical Center in the Molly Blank Building, Rooms j103-j104.


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