GREELEY, Colo. (CBS4)– The man who is suspected of placing a hidden camera inside a family dressing room at a recreation center in Greeley has been identified and arrested.

Justin Robert West of Des Moines, Iowa was arrested by police in Iowa at his home about 8 p.m. Friday.

West, 32, faces charges of sexual exploitation of children and three separate counts of invasion of privacy for sexual gratification.

Investigators have found that West had been traveling to different states and attending various arts and crafts sites with his family. Police in Greeley have contacted other law enforcement authorities at another venue in Iowa City who are currently examining their files for possible similar reported activities.

A woman discovered the hidden camera at the Family Fun Plex recreation center July 29. Police removed the camera and have examined the video for possible evidence.

“It was concealed inside of an air freshener container. The patron, a female patron located it and could see that it just didn’t look like it was quite right,” said Greeley Police spokeswoman Susan West.

The camera is believed to have been placed in the changing room in the early afternoon hours the same day it was discovered.

family plex camera2 Peeping Tom Suspect Identified, Arrested

The peeping tom suspect was captured on video before he installed a hidden camera in the family changing room on Sunday. (credit: Greeley Police)


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