BOULDER, Colo. (CBS4)– The City of Boulder is planning to stop pumping water into a lake at the center of a retirement community.

Seniors who live there gathered around the lake on Friday in protest to the plan.

Right now the city is pumping treated water into Thunderbird Lake. But that will soon stop if the city has its way.

About 120 residents at Frasier Meadows Retirement Community gathered for a sit in around the lake Friday morning to protest the plan to stop filling the lake.

The City of Boulder has pumped millions of gallons of water into the lake to maintain the dropping water levels because of this year’s infrequent rainfall.

The city wants to stop pumping water but the seniors said the lake is an important part of their community.

“Even though it does involve cost, the water’s not free, it makes sense in terms of the benefits lost if the pond becomes much smaller or disappears altogether,” said sit-in organizer Chuck Howe.

The city claims the lake requires more water than first projected. One city councilman has proposed lining the lake to stop water loss.

There is also debate surrounding the fact that treated water is used to keep a man-made lake full.


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