BOULDER, Colo. (CBS4) – A car and bike collided in Boulder over the weekend, but only one person was ticketed and it wasn’t the driver.

The accident happened Saturday morning along South Broadway at Greenbriar Boulevard.

Mark Taydus told CBS4 he riding his bicycle home from work and he pressed the walk button so he could cross in the crosswalk. When he was crossing the walk light was flashing red but he thought he could get past before oncoming cars had a green light.

He almost did, but when the light turned green a car clipped him. Even though he was the one who was struck he got a $50 ticket.

“I knew that my leg was going to be in serious danger. I just instinctively jumped off my bike,” he said.

Boulder police say Taydus did not have the right of way, which is why he got the ticket.

“I was surprised. I thought that, you know,I was hit, and I thought that she would be at fault for not being a responsible driver,” he said.

Taydus’ mother drove him to the hospital to treat his minor cuts on his head and elbow. His bike also needs a new wheel.

“I know now that it’s probably better to ease on the side of caution rather than trying to be aggressive and cross traffic when it’s not safe to cross,” he said.

  1. Wow its so cool to see my old roommate make the news. I actually roomed with this guy for a while after this happened but I never knew he made the news. Now I know why when he calls me he keeps saying he saw me on BBC lol. What a cool surprise. I personally was on the news as a child so its so incredible to see lightning strike again. I’m so proud of him!

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