DENVER (CBS4)– A man accused of repeatedly taking over homes he doesn’t own, then selling or renting them to others, has been indicted by a grand jury.

Alfonso Carrillo already faces charges of theft and burglary.

A grand jury indicted Carrillo and another man, Rudy Breda, on charges of violating the Colorado Organized Crime Act.

Dayna and Troy Donovan have never met Carrillo. Investigators believe he targeted the couple as part of a massive real estate scam.

breda rudy Man Accused Of Selling Homes Owned By Others Indicted

Rudy Breda (credit: Denver DA)

Carrillo allegedly sold or rented homes he didn’t own, including the Donovan’s home in Littleton, which they left during a brief move to Indiana.

The indictment against Carrillo and his associate, Breda, brought some good news to the couple who have been fighting to move back into their home. Right now, others are living in it and have taken control of the property.

“I felt relief and a little bit of joy because we’ve been so depressed. It’s been such a difficult situation,” said Dayna.

Authorities claim Carrillo collected thousands of dollars of payments and produced fake documents.

Others also charged include Jose Caraveo and Veronica Fernandez-Belata, those alleged squatters living in the Donovan’s home.

“We have a family, too. Their kids are sleeping in my kids’ bedrooms and it’s not right,” said Troy Donovan. “How can somebody just continue to take somebody else’s home and not care that they’ve done that?”

The Donovans won possession of their home in court in July but a series of legal hurdles have stalled the process. The Donovans, a family of four, continue to live in a relative’s basement.


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