GOLDEN, Colo. (AP/CBS4)– Facing an American audience for the first time after a bumpy overseas trip, Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney said Thursday that President Barack Obama is a disappointment who failed to deliver on his campaign promises.

At the same time, Romney promised to create 12 million jobs in his first term in office and make North America energy independent in eight years.

“This is not just hope,” Romney told hundreds of supporters gathered in the Denver area. “This is a path of more jobs and more take home pay and a brighter future for you and for your kids.”

Romney also shared a report card giving Obama poor marks on job creation, foreclosures and American incomes.

The Romney attacks come as Obama released a new TV ad Thursday going after Romney, a millionaire many times over, for paying about 14 percent of his 2010 income in taxes. Obama contends that Romney’s economic proposals would mean tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans, including himself, a bigger tax bills for everyone else.

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Romney backed his Colorado rhetoric with a new spot timed to Obama’s appearance Thursday in Orlando, Fla., that called the president a “disappointment” for a statewide economic picture that has not improved under his watch.


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