CAPE COD, Mass. (CBS4)– A Denver man attacked by a shark off the coast of Cape Cod is expected to make a full recovery.

Christopher Myers was attacked by what is believed to be a Great White shark on Monday off of Ballston Beach in Truro.

It was first Great White attack in those waters in nearly 80 years.

Myers’ son was with him while they were in the ocean enjoying some body surfing before the attack. He managed to swim some 400 yards to shore after being bitten. Paramedics bandaged his legs and took him away on a stretcher.

“The swimmers were about four feet apart and it just came right up between the two and went into the swimmer on the left,” a witness said.

Experts believe an increase in the number of seals in the area is luring Great Whites into the waters. They’re federally protected, so the only means of controlling the population is nature, or the great white sharks that feed on them.

“(It’) in response to a growing prey population,” an official said.

Myers is the father of two sons. He remained hospitalized Tuesday evening with severe injuries to his legs and ankles.


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