DENVER (CBS4) – James Holmes — more accurately, someone pretending to be the jailed gunman online — has created a Facebook fan page for himself.

The description of the “public figure” page plays up the alleged Aurora shooter’s comment to police that he is The Joker. The page’s description parodies the Jay-Z song “99 Problems” – “If you like batman, I feel bad for you son. I’d kill 99 people and a baby is one.”

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The posted profile photos are edited versions of the smirking University of Colorado photo that was released once it was uncovered that he is a medical school dropout. One photo has been edited to show him holding a Joker playing card and another has painted his face and hair white and green like that of the comic book villain.

Holmes is accused of killing 12 people and injuring 58 others. Naturally, there are a number of inflammatory comments on the public page that lists “Best aim” as one of his awards and has been “liked” by nearly 450 people and growing.

A series of morbid memes have been written over Holmes’ profile photo that make light (or dark) of the event that is being described as the worst mass shooting in American history. A few examples of the puns:

“A kid threw popcorn at me once. Once.”

“Seat was stolen while in the bathroom. 12 more seats just opened up.”

“Shut that baby up. Or I will.”

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“They wanted the full movie. But all they got was clips.”

“100 likes? That’s enough people to fit a whole theater.”

Some photos portray the Heath Ledger version of the Joker with captions parodying lines from “The Dark Knight.”

“It’s simple. We kill the audience,” reads one. “How many of your friends have I killed?” reads another. Others are photo-shopped visuals of Holmes being given the Medal of Honor by President Obama and other nonsensical scenes most likely intended to shock or disgust the page visitors.

Another photo portrays a photo of deceased victim John Larimer that uses cause-and-effect meme sentence structure, “Goes to see Dark Knight rises. Gets shot.”

The anonymous author of the fan page has commented on nearly every photo and is often ridiculing people who are expressing their disgust at the page that many have commented, “goes too far” and is “too soon.” He also has posted a note that says the page has been reported numerous times to Facebook and “nothing has happened.”

It’s not possible to tell how often or if the page has been flagged by other users, but it features comments from thousands of Facebook users who are calling for its deletion using profanity-laced language and threats to the faux Facebook Holmes.

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For the time being, the page creator may continue to laugh at his own joke as thousands of Facebook users continue to comment and “like” the featured photos and dark humor.