SOUTH BEACH, Colo. (CBS4) – A caller to 911 who witnessed the incident that landed Denver Broncos defensive star Elvis Dumervil in a Miami jail told the operator she thought someone pointed a gun at someone else.

Dumervil and a friend face assault charges in the incident, which happened Saturday night in South Beach.

The police arrest report filed against Dumervil, 28, and Andy Aguste, 27, stated that the two men had lifted up their shirts and displayed guns, not that they had pointed guns at anyone.

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Listen to the 911 audio below:

The following is a transcript of the phone conversation:

DISPATCH:: What is the address of your emergency?
CALLER: Uhm, I have a guy outside with a gun pointing to somebody.
DISPATCH:: OK, what’s the address?
CALLER: We’re in Seventh and Collins.
DISPATCH:: What’s your phone number?
CALLER: My phone number is? Hold on, let me give you…
DISPATCH:: This male, what does he look like?
CALLER: He’s African American. He’s in a white, uhm, ???. We’re trying to get a license number.
DISPATCH:: OK, but you said he was pointing a gun at somebody?
CALLER: Yes, for what he’s like in the road.
DISPATCH:: So it’s a black male in a white car?
DISPATCH:: And he’s pointing it at whom?
CALLER: He just pulled it out to someone else I guess in traffic. Something happened. I don’t know what’s going on here. We see him outside.
DISPATCH:: OK, so you don’t know who he’s pointing it at?
CALLER: No, I don’t.
DISPATCH:: Is he still there?
CALLER: Let me find out, OK?
CALLER: Uhm, northbound? They’re going southbound right now.
DISPATCH:: OK, does the subject vehicle, he left? And he went southbound on what?
CALLER: Seventh, on Collins, On Collins.
DISPATCH:: The silver Mercedes? OK, so that’s who was having the argument, it was the male in the white Impala and a person in a silver Mercedes?
DISPATCH:: Is the person in the silver Mercedes still there?
CALLER: None of the two vehicles are outside, right? No, they’re going down to South Beach.
DISPATCH:: OK. Alright ma’am, we’ll send the police out there. OK?
CALLER: Alright, thank you, bye.