DENVER (CBS4) – It’s no secret that organ and tissue donation saves lives. Just one donor can help more than 100 people.

Saying “yes” is as easy as click on the mouse.

“My life is completely normal now,” Colin Shearn said.

Shearn, a husband and father of two, is active and healthy. It’s hard to believe he has cheated death twice.

“Getting an organ transplant has given me at least 13 years. I’m hoping for 50,” he said.

Shearn had a rare liver ailment. At 29 he had a liver transplant, then another weeks later when an infection caused the first to fail.

“They saved my life.”

Shearn went on to get a PhD in immunobiology — and he got a wake-up call.

“You learn that life is so fragile and while you’re here you better make a difference.”

LINK: Donate Life Section

Shearn strives to in his job in medical research. He believes he’s a better father because of what he’s been through. He also volunteers with Donor Alliance as a living testament to the importance of organ donation.

“It’s not hard, just check the box.”

Shat’s the same message from Gov. John Hickenlooper and a character called “Guy Vroom.” They appeared in a video on YouTube promoting organ donation.

Watch the video from YouTube:

The new campaign lets drivers know they can renew their license online and commit to being an organ donor. Save time by avoiding long lines and save lives.

In Colorado 2,100 people are currently waiting for a lifesaving transplant. Shearn’s wait ended thanks to two selfless donors. Now he’s signed up to do the same.

“It’s like a last way to actually make a difference in the world,” he said.



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