DENVER (CBS4)– A woman convicted as an accessory in the murder of a teenager was sentenced on Friday.

Francesca Pagliasotti was found guilty of accessory to first degree murder, false reporting to authorities and abuse of a corpse following a trial earlier this year.

Pagliasotti, 26, was sentenced to 10 years in the Colorado Department of Corrections by the Denver District Court Judge Shelly Gilman on Friday.

She was accused of helping conceal the murder of Alicia Martinez, 16, by cleaning the crime scene and lying to police in October 2010.

alicia martinez Woman Sentenced As Accessory To Murder

Alicia Martinez (credit: CBS)

Denver District Attorney Mitch Morrissey said Her participation in the dismemberment of the victim and the fact her actions delayed the discovery of the victim were aggravating factors at sentencing.

Prosecutors said Alicia’s friend’s mother, Jacquelyn Perea, took Alicia to a party off Decatur Street in Denver and gave her marijuana. Perea left Alicia at the party.

The teen’s dismembered body was found several days later in Edward Romero’s garage. According to the autopsy, Alicia Martinez was shot twice in the head and her body was cut apart after she was dead.

Romero is scheduled to appear for a motions hearing on July 19 and his trial is scheduled for Sept. 18 in Denver District Court.

romero edward Woman Sentenced As Accessory To Murder

Edward Romero (credit: CBS)


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