DENVER (CBS4) – Denver is considering casting a bit more light on a park that links the Highlands neighborhood to downtown.

Commons Park is near 15th and Platte on the east side of the Platte River, bordered by several restaurants and shops. It’s also used as access between the two neighborhoods.

“In here, it’s a thoroughfare of people who walk and go to work or people who ride their bikes to go to work,” is how City Councilwoman Judy Montero describes the park.

The city wants to put in more lighting to make it safer at night. Denver police reports that there have been three assaults in the area since the beginning of the year.

“Many of the residents who live in the high rises felt like they could have more eyes on the park if the park was illuminated,” Montero said.

The city has already installed LEDs at the western end of the park but it wants to do more. The Parks and Rec Department is asking for $150,000 to complete a lighting study. That should take three to four months to complete.

But even the first step has made some park goers feel safer.

“I actually walked down here at like four in the morning and was perfectly safe,” said park visitor Grae Deway.

Others also welcome the addition of lights.

“During the day, it feels safe,” said Joe Denny, who uses the park to get from his home to the light rail station. “Once it turns dark, it gets a little sketchy but I think if they were to add more lights it would help quite a bit.”

The city hopes to add more lights by the end of the year.


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