DENVER (CBS4)– This year’s early spring means Colorado’s famous Palisade peaches are arriving on the Front Range three weeks earlier than last year and two weeks ahead of normal.

Boxes and boxes of the peaches are already showing up in stores and farmer’s markets. And they’re not just early, they’re good.

“They’re delicious,” said Deidra Newbrough while shopping for peaches. “They’re the best peaches I’ve had in such a long time.”

Other shoppers at the Metro Denver Farmer’s Market agreed saying they were glad to see their favorite treats for sale once again.

Peach picking on the Western Slope began in the middle of June thanks to the early spring.

“The heat, I think, really brought them out to perfection,” said another market goer. “The peaches are magnificent, we eat them every day.”

It’s not just the peaches that are early, Olathe Sweet Corn is already for sale as are squash and beans.

But there could be a downside to the early season.

“It’s good and bad,” said James Dolmas with Mazzotti Farms. “Early means we have more of it now but it could be a shorter season. We don’t have a lot of water so I mean we’re going to run out water so we might not have any at the end.”

Peach growers say we could be tasting as many as 20 varieties through early September.

And King Soopers said it was expecting Rocky Ford cantaloupes to be in stores Friday.


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