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DENVER (CBS4) – Many drivers in the Denver area experienced a longer-than-normal commute Monday morning, as strong rains created some poor road conditions.

At 6th Avenue and Perry, several cars were moving slowly under the bridge at about 8 a.m., which had several inches of standing water. Police also responded to a report of an elderly couple who was stranded in their vehicle on 17th between Perry and Newton.

“Our operations manager, it took him an hour to just get from Union Avenue down to Interstate 25 this morning,” said Al Larsen, a commuter on the west side of Denver. “It was a parking lot really, rainstorms like I’ve never seen before.”

Drivers should avoid driving through a puddle that’s too deep, but for one that looks doable a key is to drive slowly and steadily. Six inches of water will reach the bottom of most passengers cars. That means you can lose control or stall.

A foot of water will float most vehicles.

Two feet of rushing water can sweep away most vehicles including SUVs and pickups.