BOULDER, Colo. (CBS4)– Flash flooding is a concern in Boulder County, especially along Boulder Creek.

The creek has high water levels thanks to recent storms that dumped a lot of rain over the past two days.

There are flash flood warning signs posted along the route following the creek to bring attention to the increased danger in the area.

“The flows are definitely a lot slower usually,” said Boulder resident Mike Mazzocco. “We get these flows about every summer but you only get them once or twice a summer.”

Police in Boulder are warning those who want to get into the creek that this isn’t the time to go tubing, rafting, kayaking or even wading because the water is just too high and too fast.

“There are unseen hazards. We understand it looks inviting and like a lot of fun. If they are going to do it they need to have a heightened awareness,” said Boulder Police Department Sgt. David Kicern.

Early Sunday morning the Boulder Dive Team removed heavy trees that washed down shore after heavy rains clogged the waterway with debris.


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