DENVER (CBS4) – Gov. John Hickenlooper has ordered a fireworks ban across Colorado. Now authorities will be working hard to enforce the rule.

At Old Glory Fireworks in Denver employees have been busy stocking the shelves. But it could be a slow season for the fireworks retailer after Hickenlooper issued the statewide fireworks ban.

“Oh absolutely devastating to our business; obviously we hope that people will purchase the fireworks and use them during a time where it’s safe and legal,” owner Aeron Calkins said.

Until further notice lighting fireworks is banned because of the hot and dry conditions across the state. Police and firefighters will be out enforcing the governor’s order.

“What has to happen is the education and we’ll do that right on scene when we find them,” West Metro Fire investigator Tony Satriano said.

Satriano will be out looking for people violating the fireworks ban. There are stiffer consequences for those caught in violation more than once.

“If you cause a fire from your fireworks you are responsible, not only for the fireworks themselves, which can be a fine up to $1,000, but if it starts a fire,” Satriano said.

Fireworks can still be sold despite the ban.

At Old Glory they have hundreds of different types of fireworks.

“You don’t have to light them to set them off,” Calkins said of certain fireworks.

CBS4 still found some people buying fireworks, and even though they risk getting caught, they still plan to set them off.

“It’s the Fourth of July. It celebrates our independence. We should have the right to light fireworks off,” fireworks customer Aaron Cochran said.

Firefighters say those confused about the fireworks ban should call their local fire station.

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