DENVER (CBS4) – The race for the White House is heating up here in Colorado. On Saturday Republicans officially opened Mitt Romney’s state campaign headquarters.

It was a packed house for the grand opening of the Romney Campaign Colorado headquarters. Republican supporters from all over were excited to kick off the campaign.

“If you understand Colorado politics you understand that it’s very difficult to put together the numbers to win statewide unless you’ve got Jefferson and Arapahoe counties,” former Rep. Bob Beauprez said. “The selection of this headquarters and this location is very strategic.”

Colorado will likely play a key role in the election. In the forefront of voters’ minds is job growth.

“Unemployment among Colorado is at Colorado is 8.1 percent but among many of our particularly Hispanic communities and others, folks are really struggling,” State GOP Chairman Ryan Call said.

In his weekly address President Obama touched on the very topic.

“Last September I sent Congress a jobs bill full of the kinds of bipartisan ideas that could have put over a million Americans back to work,” Obama said. “But on most of the ideas that would create jobs and grow our economy, Republicans in Congress haven’t lifted a finger.”

Michelle Obama is headed to Colorado to campaign for her husband in the next week.

Expect Romney to also make several visits as well between now and November.

“He’ll be here. I think both campaigns will be here a lot. Gov. Romney will be here, his wife will be here his kids will be here, his surrogates will be here. This state will be ground zero for both campaigns.”


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