DENVER (CBS4) – Police in Denver have released video from a camera on the University of Denver campus that shows the suspected SUV driven in a fatal hit-and-run last Thursday night.

Masoud Bahramisharif, 24, was killed when he was crossing the street with his bike and an SUV raced through a red light. It happened right by the campus at Evans and University.

Police so far have been unable to locate the driver. They say that person swerved around other vehicles in order to get through the intersection. After striking Bahramisharif and sending his body flying, the SUV continued going forward and deposited Bahramisharif’s bike a few blocks away. Bahramisharif died at the scene.

The video newly released by Denver police shows the SUV speeding past other cars around the time of the accident. The vehicle was described as being a maroon Jeep Grand Cherokee that is a 2000 to 2005 model.

Acting on a tip over the weekend, Denver police seized a 2007 Grand Cherokee with front end damage from a home in Aurora. They are testing that vehicle to see if it might be the SUV that was involved in the accident.

Police said they are still hoping for help from the public to determine if anyone has seen a Jeep that matches the model years with front end damage in the Denver metro area.

Police have issued a $2,000 reward in the case.

Bahramisharif came to DU from Iran to earn his PhD in engineering.


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