ENGLEWOOD, Colo. (CBS4)– The man suspected of hitting Englewood Police Officer Jeremy Bitner and then leaving the scene is facing vehicular homicide charges. Conner Donohue appeared before a judge Friday morning to hear the new charges against him.

Donohue, 20, from Arapahoe County, faces a total of 12 counts, two of them vehicular homicide.

Police said Donohue was behind the wheel of an SUV that struck Bitner, 39, during a routine traffic stop at about 12:05 a.m. Monday in the southbound lane in the 5200 block of South Broadway. It sent Bitner and the man he pulled over to the hospital. Bitner died from his injuries later Monday morning.

bitner Man Suspected Of Hitting Englewood Police Officer Facing Vehicular Homicide Charges

Officer Jeremy Bitner (credit: Englewood Police Department)

The man Bitner pulled over, Kevin Montoya, 20, of Littleton, suffered a head injury and fractured tibia. He was scheduled to attended Bitner’s funeral on Friday morning.

kevin montoya Man Suspected Of Hitting Englewood Police Officer Facing Vehicular Homicide Charges

Kevin Montoya (credit: The Montoya Family)

Police said Donohue fled the scene and the Littleton Police Department located him several miles away where he was arrested.

In court Friday defense attorneys requested Donohue’s $100,000 bond be lowered because even though the allegations are serious, Donohue has no previous criminal history or traffic violations.

Prosecutors said Donohue’s lack of criminal history doesn’t mean he doesn’t have a lack of poor judgement.

The judge agreed with prosecutors adding that donohue was charged with a class 3 felony and his choice to drink and drive killed Officer Bitner.

Donohue’s bond remains at $100,000. He is scheduled to appear in court July 10 for a preliminary hearing.


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