DENVER (CBS4)– New York City is considering limiting its size of soft drinks to 16 ounces or less. Health experts in Colorado don’t think that’s a bad idea.

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg believes it will help make the Big Apple a little healthier and fight obesity.

The ban would not apply to diet soft drinks.

LiveWell Colorado believes those extra-large pops and sugar-filled drinks definitely play a role in making poor eating decisions that could lead to obesity.

One 12 ounce can of pop has as much sugar as two candy bars. That’s the same as nine teaspoons of sugar.

“We think it’s a good thing in changing cultural norms of what’s an acceptable beverage size and help reduce the extra calories,” said LiveWell Colorado spokeswoman Lisa Walvoord.

Those excess calories can add up quickly. Drinking one pop a day can pack on 25 pounds a year. It can also increase your chance of being obese by 27 percent.


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