DENVER (CBS4) – On Monday a couple thanked the paramedics who saved their little girl’s life.

Sarah and Kip Wilson and their 3-year-old daughter Karina got a chance to personally thank Denver Health Medical Center paramedics James Hart and Randy Benish.

Last year the parents called 911 when Karina fell and had some strange loss of movement. When Hart and Benish arrived their skilled response determined that something was terribly wrong and rushed her to the hospital. She was diagnosed with an unexplained stroke.

“So they made a point to come into the room and say, ‘We really hope the best for Karina. We’re sorry this happened.’ I could really tell they truly cared. They weren’t just doing their job,” Sarah Wilson said.

Karina still has some weakness in her right hand and right leg, but otherwise is doing just fine.


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