What does it mean when bees swarm?

According to Entomologist Mary Ann Hamilton with the Butterfly Pavilion, bees swarm when they are relocating with the old queen. The old queen bee, along with more than half the colony , have to relocate because there is a new queen bee that has taken over the existing colony.

She says bees swarm all the time but it’s normally not in urban areas or places with a lot of people are watching (like Coors Field). If you do see bees swarming she says you can watch or walk away. However, you should NOT raise your hands and make any threatening movement. If you do, you could be stung. Bees can sting you only once and then die. However, wasps can sting multiple times, and they continue to live.

If you are stung, Mary Ann says take out the stinger and put ice on it. She also suggests you watch the area for any other reactions. However, if you are allergic you should take out stinger use your epi pen and go to an emergency room.

If you need bees removed, call a professional. Check out bee removal service below.

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