DENVER (CBS4) – Javale McGee is about to become a very wealthy seven-footer. He’s in line for a new contract this summer that could pay him up to $10 million a year. Thankfully, the Nuggets can match any offer he gets. He’s going to get paid, and why not? He was born to play basketball — just ask his mother.

Pamela McGee watches the games a little different than the rest of us — she sees herself out there. Pamela and her twin sister, Paula, played college basketball at the University of Southern California. They won back-to-back national titles.

In 1984 Pamela won Olympic gold. In 1988 she became a mom — a single mom who traveled the globe playing basketball. She played in Italy, France, Brazil and Spain. Everywhere she went, her precious little son tagged along. Today that boy isn’t so little anymore.

Mother and son are still inseparable. She taught him everything he knows on the court. She knows her stuff — she’s a coach. But ever since Javale entered the NBA she’s enjoyed her time as a mom.

Javale joked that he takes care of his “humble abode.”

“I clean. I clean the floors, I clean the dishes, I make your bed up, I wash the clothes,” Pamela told Javale while laughing.

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Pamela can’t be missed at the games. She jumps around like she’s playing in the games.

“I can’t contain myself because I’m an animated, very passionate person,” she said. “And also, I’m just so proud.”

Javale says he doesn’t hear his mom during games.

“Especially not during playoff basketball; the way our crowd was screaming tonight it was just amazing,” he said.

“Yeah, he does hear me. He always hears mom. He has like a sixth sense, he still hears me,” Pamela said.

If mom knows best, Javale will remain a Denver Nugget for many years to come.

“He has the four things that you can’t teach. He has height, hands, heart and humility,” Pamela said. “You can’t find that nowadays.”


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